5 step guide to take pictures that sells your business!

Photo by adrian on Unsplash

We all know the phrase – an image speaks louder than words right? But did you know that an image is actually processed 60.000 times faster than any written word?

Images have the capability to create an immediate emotion in the human brain, so when it comes to attract the attention by an image, you want it to be positive. Good photos are essential when it comes to lure a potential buyer and sell your product, and in this case; to sell your whole business!

Perhaps you are feeling a bit intimidated by taking photos, but you are not alone, a lot of people are. In this social media era, taking photos seems like something for the Cool kids, with the newest applications and their hipster filters and so on. But stay calm – we are here to help. First of all; Just start shooting those images. Whether you use a digital camera or a smartphone, just begin practicing. You will quickly get an idea of which angle is better than the other, whether the light is too bright or too dark and after a short while you’ll begin considering more thoroughly, which objects or scenes are nice to shoot. You are well on your way already!

We created 5 tips for you to get the best results. Here we go!

1) The equipment

A new smartphone can take really good photos and the resolution is high enough for a lot of things. A basic DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens reflex) will allow you a lot more options, like; much better zoom, focus and adjustable settings, and an outcome of photos of much higher quality and it will leave you with more choices at the end. Of course this also requires that you either invest in a DSLR, or borrow one and either way you will need a bid of patience and practice to understand how it works. But who knows, maybe this will become your new hobby!

2) Make a list

You are now in the beginning of a story, because that’s what photography is. You need to make it easy for yourself, by listing which stories are important to tell in attracting a potential buyer.

In other words – What do you need pictures off?

The storefront, smiling costumers, the goods you are selling, the decoration, busy staff, kitchen and bathroom or something that makes exactly your place stands out. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from staff or costumer. They see the place with different eyes than you do.

3) Tell the story

Photos that picture people engaged in something, tends to trigger viewers’ attention and make them feel like they are following a story, and make them want to know more.

Wait for the good moments; catch people doing things, or interacting with each other. Start snapping when it’s amazingly busy or the atmosphere is just right. Staged photos are often obviously unnatural, and rarely any good. Avoid them.

You will also need static photos that are clear and showing the actual facilities, without any engagement. How the outline of the property and the different rooms are, and stuff like that.  A potential buyer will want facts. Make sure that these images are not cluttered, messy or crowded, as this will only confuse and annoy a potential buyer.

4) Natural light

If possible, try to use the natural light. It is often a lot easier to get good shots in a natural light than with a flash, especially if you are a beginner. Take a day to consider when the light is showing your business from its best.

5) Editing –just a little bit

You heart might just dropped to your stomach but don’t fear! Editing can be really simple and quick and give you a much better result.

Anyway, you don’t want to overdo editing by playing too much with light and frames and things like that, it’s not very clear or professional. No, it’s a matter of cropping images to get rid of irrelevant content, and adjusting brightness and enhancing the light. You can choose the automatic function to adjust colour.

These simple edits, can be done on a smartphone (it’s often a function build into the camera/gallery) and with basic programs like Office, Picasa or any other standard program you have for viewing photos on your pc.

Photo by tyson on Unsplash